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360º Videos

Tales of the Garden in VR, by Alberto Moura, Beatriz Galvão, Carla Coelho, Inês Maciel, Maurício Araújo and Ranz Ranzenberger  | 14’40” | episode 1/10

The film “TALES OF GARDEN: The Emperor, the Princess and the Garden's Memories” tells the story of the Garden of the Imperial Museum, through the memories of its regulars, from the illustrious inhabitants of the 19th century Imperial Palace, to ordinary people, who since 1940, when the Imperial Museum is created, there they stroll, work and live moments of their own stories.

“HIVR”, by Ranz Ranzenberger, Inês Maciel, Alberto Moura e Evandro Manchini | 6’20”

A film about AIDS awareness and decriminalization. The viewer goes through the experience of receiving a call asking to retake an HIV test and enters the plot by experiencing a dialogue on the topic.

Animations for Expositions

Immersive exposition “Van Gogh'’ landscapes” (2019/AUGUST)

The show is inspired by landscapes portrayed in five of his most famous canvases and in the hundreds of personal letters that the Dutch painter wrote over his 37 years of life.

Created by the company YDREAMS GLOBAL, the exhibition was held at Shopping Pátio Higienópolis and was part of the animations developed by AZIMUT VR.



Immersive exposition “The Human Being and the water” (2019/SEPTEMBER)

The exhibition held at UNIBES CULTURAL aims to create an immersive and playful sensory experience, stimulating discussion and awareness about the preservation of water resources. Among the seven spaces of the exhibition, created for the company YDREAMS GLOBAL, AZIMUT VR developed the animation for a projection on the floor, which instigates the visitors revealing the damage caused to the oceans.



Immersive exposition  “Tarsila for Children” (2019/NOVEMBER)

Signed by YDreams Global, the exhibition “Tarsila par Meninos” was held at Farol Santander, and has animations by AZIMUT VR at Toca da Cuca and Jardim Afetivo.



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